Fairbanks says "Thank you Dennis & Mary Wise!!"

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Visibility was very limited today. This is a long straight street, but we could only see about 100 meters down it.





























Winter in Fairbanks, Alaska 1-25-06

This is the back of the Food Bank, with some of their landscaping

Depending on where you were this morning, the temperature ranged from -40 degrees below 0 to -50 degrees below 0 .......BRRRRR!

Who needs privacy fencing in Alaska when you can use frost build up instead...

This is a view of the Fairbanks Rescue Mission from across the street - the ice fog was thick today

Though the outside of the Shelter is showing some signs of frost, as well, the inside is nice and toasty. Our crew is still on their normal schedule.

White caps, Alaska style (that is all frost along the top)











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