The siding is going up!!!!

It is a lot of work to cut all this out of the siding!

You are looking at the back of the building - you can see this side if you are driving down the Mitchell

Walter waits to have his piece screwed on

J takes a brief moment to pose for the camera

Meanwhile, inside Judy prepares to wash some glass

Things are getting put into their places (and it is so cheery!!)

Tables on the "observation deck" (Anne's nickname for this wonderful loft)

Looking down from the observation deck you can see all the action!!

What fun colors!

More is added every day

Back outside, Mike watches and waits for Mark to give him a hand signal of where the forklift needs to move next. It is a very important job, but also has its tedious moments.

J is back at the saw horses

Walter & J haul off each cut sheet

The last piece he carried was easier :)


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