7-12-07 - all but finished!!

Andy & Judy say "Hello" to all their friends and family watching the progress

Now THAT'S style!! This is Andy's side of the studio :)

Complete with doggie door - Andy has his priorities right on!

And for all the days he would rather be at the studio, the job trailer makes a great office extension :) :)

Inside, the duct work has been insulated

Over in Judy's area she adds some color & class to a good conversation!


The tables will end up with table clothes to tie all the colors together

Anne loves this room because of all the color


Dave created a sand blasting wall for Judy. The pegs are removable for the days she has BIG glass to blast. This is a small room unto itself so the sand won't be getting into any other equipment she has.

Anne took a detour to see what Judy was doing over here

Cold Shop

More color & class

Judy takes a moment to check out her colors

Some of her furnaces


Upstairs the apartments are happily occupied!

From the deck looking in

This sure is a beautiful building!!


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